Rantala Power Trio | 8 November 2013

Iiro Rantala [p] │Wolfgang Haffner [d] │ Heiri Känzig [b]

The new  eastPLUGGED®  concert series, initiated by pastor Thomas Gerhold together with the USB foundation and presented in the Friedenskirche in Ratingen, could not have started better than with these 3 artists.

Iiro Rantala was already in a good mood during the day. „If I am allowed to play here again, I will consent immediately“…were the first words of Wolfgang Haffner when he arrived, so excited he was by the special ambience of the church room.

And this excitement continued: A few beats later the audience was rapt away: all three musicians were extremely expressive with their instruments , congenial in the trio and when they played NUTT for the first time ever, a piece that Iiro had composed just one day before, now in the sold-out church room, the audience left the seats and went overboard (in a positive sense).

Kiitos! Danke! Merci! to Iiro, Wolfgang and Heiri for this start of our new concert series.