Shine | 10 March 2015

Jacob Karlzon [p] | Hans Andersson [b] | Robert Mehmet Ikiz [d]

„Amazing music, performed with virtuosity, empathetic, sensible“ commented the „Rheinische Post”. „Champions League Class“  was the headline in the Ratinger Wochenblatt after this fulminant 2-hours-night of music in the Friedenskirche, and the press comments represent exactly the feeling the audience had during this “technorganic” concert (so defined by Jacob Karlzon himself), again with no chair remaining vacant.

Three musicians delighted to play, in continuous  interaction with the audience and presenting numerous highlights, in particular by Robert Ikiz on drums, even-tempered solos by Jacob Karlzon at the Steinway piano and an encore which was specially arranged for the Friedenskirche and its host, pastor Thomas Gerhold.

Again: This concert night was in full harmony!

Ett stort tack till Jacob, Robert och Hans!