Just The Two Of Us | 8 May 2015

Michael Wollny [p] | Wolfgang Haffner [dr]

Both Michael Wollny and Wolfgang Haffner played their 2nd concert in our eastPLUGGED series, but as a DUO they played together for the first time. It turned into a top-class event with a very personal atmosphere.

The artists impressed with their stupendous virtuosity and the originality of their musical ideas. They played themselves into a state of ecstasy and thus hypnotized the audience.

The church room, being an outstanding place already due to its structure and acoustics, was “sound saturated” for 2 hours by these two exceptional musicians and in a way, we had never heard before.

„This is no regular concert, these two play like they are from a different world” commented a female visitor. “A unique sound experience” said pastor Thomas Gerhold.  Yes indeed, this truly describes the experience and this will stay in the ears and minds of all guests who were able to join the (sold-out) concert.

Even the birds outside the church must have had such feelings, as their songs came through an open church window during a quiet reflective piece to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of world war two [while Wolfgang Haffner did not believe that when told so, as he thought these voices were produced by our sound engineer Daniel Oberbanscheidt! ]

A very big Dankeschön to Michael Wollny and Wolfgang Haffner for this exciting concert night.