Running | 06 November 2015

Wasserfuhr Quartett

This was the first eastPLUGGED®-concert performed by a quartet: with Roman Wasserfuhr [p], Julian Wasserfuhr [tr], Benjamin Garcia Alonso [b]) and Oliver Rehmann [dr], and the first with a trumpet. The soft tone, which Julian extracted from his trumpet, sometimes gently supported by electronic effects, was the bridging element, while his play was definitely  “dominant” – in a positive sense – during numerous pieces.

The communication between the four allowed sentiments merging within the pieces of different styles in a harmonic way, for example during “L.O.V.E” of Bert Kaempfert, interpreted as a ballad.

The concert ended with an homage to Esbjörn Svenson, wherein the subtly integrated acoustic effects provided a particular intimate relation to Esbjörn´s music.

Thanks to the “4 Bergischen” for this enjoyable concert night in the Friedenskirche.