Die Iiro Rantala Konzert Nacht | 22 April 2016

Iiro Rantala [p] | Marius Neset [s] |Asja Valcic [c] | Adam Baldych [v]

Iiro Rantala started our eastPLUGGED concert series 2013 “solo piano” and with the Kyrie of J.S. Bach´s mass in h-minor; now he presented the Kyrie in a new exciting interpretation as a duo with Saxophonist Marius Neset as his congenial partner, and both inspired the audience again with their perfect instrumental and acoustic fusion during own compositions of the young Norwegian (“Prag´s Ballet”) as well as during improvisations like that of Pat Metheny´s “Antonia”.

This night Iiro Rantala [piano], Asja Valcic [cello] and Adam Baldych [violin] presented the last performance of their “String Trio”, which was very successful over the past years, and a program of “chamber music character” as well as “cross over” pieces, wherein  different styles merged into new tone colors, transferring the enthused audience into a new sound world.

A 3rd great performance of the Finnish pianist, this time with support from Norway, Croatia and Poland.

Kiitos, Dziękuję, Hvala & Takk for this European Concert Night!