Introducing | 04 November 2016

Marialy Pacheco [p] | Joo Kraus [tr]

It was the unanimous opinion after the concert of the Cuban pianist Marialy Pacheco and the German trumpet player Joo Kraus that this had been a very special treat. The music covered a wide range from Marialy´s own compositions like „Cuban Suite“ to titles such as Sting's „Englishman in New York“ and Michael Jackson's „Earth Song“. Each and every piece was a jazz arrangement of highest level! Marialy did not deny her musical roots, she impressed with her light, groovy and virtous piano playing as did Joo playing the flugelhorn with a seductive sonority and a trumpet sound reminding of Miles Davis at his best days. Not only in his solo performance, including a big variety of electronic effects, he proved his creativity and taste. This event was another highlight of our eastPLUGGED® concert series.

¡Muchas gracias! Marialy; Vielen Dank, Joo!