Tandem | 28 January 2017

Michael Wollny [p] | Vincent Peirani [akk]

2h after the ticket sale had started, the concert was sold out and accordingly the expectations in view of Michael Wollny´s 3rd eastPLUGGED® concert were very high. These expectations were even exceeded and both artists delivered a concert of the highest standards. Away from the mainstream, with amazing precision at the instruments, while at the same time exploiting the chances of improvisation, Michael Wollny on the piano and Vincent Peirani on his accordeon/accordina presented their symbiotic interplay in front of a concentrated, fascinated and enthusiastic audience.

This audience experienced what Michael defined as follows: „I hear Vincent´s play less as an accordion but as an orchestra”. In combination with Michael´s dynamic piano play sound wonders developed from the „waltz with some accidents“ to the “siren piece“. And it was again the encore, when the concert reached its culmination point: to mark Luther´s 500 anniversary the DUO played an interpretation of his „Ein feste Burg …“, especially adapted to this church room, its ambiance and acoustic.  Fantastic!

Thanks Michael: is was brilliant! Vincent: Merci beaucoup, c´était genial!