Beauty & Truth | 31 March 2017

Joachim Kühn [p] | Eric Schäfer [dr] | Chris Jennings [b]

It was probably the most intensive performance on the piano in our eastPLUGGED® series yet, either way Joachim Kühn, grandseigneur of the German jazz scene,  received standing ovations after each of his powerfully presented compositions. Despite his age of 74, Joachim Kühn bursts with energy and fascinated the audience. Eric Schäfer on the drums and Chris Jennings with his 140 years old, sonorous double bass (built in Germany, then shipped via Canada to Paris, where Chris bought the bass), completed the trio perfectly. During Eric´s soli – presented with brilliant directness and clarity – the stability of the church’s brickwork was seriously tested. This is true as well for the 3rd variation of Luther´s “Ein fest Burg …” which started vocally, after Joachim Kühn had asked the audience to sing the first verse, before a dynamic instrumental improvisation followed such that it might even have been heard in heaven.

A fantastic 11th eastPLUGGED night. Danke Joachim und Eric, thanks Chris!