Dig It To The End | 05 May 2017

TONBRUKET: Dan Berglund [b] | Johan Lindström [g] | Martin Hederos [p] | Andreas Werliin [dr]

The 12th eastPLUGGED® concert in the Friedenskirche was sold-out again and the musical “path” of previous concerts was intentionally left several times during this performance, as Dan Berglund, Johan Lindström, Martin Hederos  and Andreas Werliin played numerous Rock compositions besides Jazz and Folk pieces, all original, and compositions like “Dig It To The End” or “Vinegar Heart” not only put the enthusiastic audience into vibrations but  also the solid bricks of the church walls. Such acoustic sounds were never heard before in this concert series and the audience never grooved like during this night.

None of the Musicians tried to take the spotlight, on the contrary: all four harmonized perfectly. With Johan Lindström putting his classical electric guitar aside and picking up a pedal-steel guitar however, the new electronic and oriental sounds took the music to a completely new level with the distinctive sound of this instrument.

The pedal-steel guitar was also used when TONBRUKET presented their interpretation of Luther´s “Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott”, a very special dedication to the Luther year. 

Tusen tack för denna härliga kvällen! Thanks a million for this exciting concert!