LIBERETTO III | 17 November 2017

Lars Danielsson [b] | Gregory Privat [p] | Andreas Hourdakis [g] | Robert Ikiz [dr]

A Swede from Denmark [Lars Danielsson] on bass, a Swede with Greek roots [Andreas Hourdakis] on guitar, Istanbul-born drummer Robert Mehmet Ikiz and Gregory Privat, French pianist from Martinique, formed the congenial Liberetto Quartet of the 13th eastPLUGGED® night. With "Agnus Die", a hymn for his mother, Lars Danielsson picked up the spiritual atmosphere of the Friedenskirche at the very beginning and with the next piece "Orange Market" at the latest, the four artists had filled the church space with their harmonious compositions. A great concert at the end of the 4th eastPLUGGED® year, especially as Lars Danielsson with an improvised bass solo of Luther's "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" put a very special final tune to this exclusive eastPLUGGED® themes in the Luther year.

Tack så mycket för den grandiosa kvällen. Merci beaucoup pour cette soirée superbe!