B-A-C-H | 02 February 2018

Dieter Ilg [b] | Rainer Böhm [p] | Patrice Héral [dr]

The 14th eastPLUGGED® concert brought together what had been planned for a long time: Friedenskirche - Bach - Ilg.  Bach and the church complement each other eo ipso, although numerous Bach interpretations exist, from swinging classical to electronic neo-classic versions, but Dieter Ilg's compositions are unique: to some extent the pieces are closely related to the original score, but then  dissolve into surprising interpretations and improvisations, without losing Bach, while at the same time being deeply jazzy. With Rainer Böhm on piano and the percussionist Patrice Héral, Dieter Ilg has two outstanding musicians at his side who no longer need eye contact to present their Goldberg variations, sonatas and small pieces from a Bach songbook as precisely as Johann Sebastian would have wished. Whether this also applies to the solos, with which every musician introduced himself personally in between, remains to be seen: they were in any case expressive interpretations of highest virtuosity, followed by storms of enthusiasm from the audience.

It should be noted that this concert had a "pre-concert" in which two youngsters from Ratingen [Kilian Enzweiler, Jan Pocha] impressed the audience with vibraphone and marimbaphone.

Thank you very much for this great jazz evening. Merci pour cette formidable soirée de Jazz.