A Novel of Anomaly | 09 November 2018

Andreas Schaerer [voc]|Kalle Kalima [g]|Luciano Biondini [acc]|Lucas Niggli [dr]

What a gig! For the first time we welcomed a vocalist to eastPLUGGED®, however Andreas Schaerer is much more than just that, namely: a vocal virtuoso, a vocal acrobat, a sound and rhythm maker, who even covered the trumpet part or percussion (just with his voice!) on some pieces. Cooing, clicking, drumming, all in breathtaking sequences - or even simultaneously- in a previously unknown manner: simply sensational, especially together with his three congenial partners: Kalle Kalima, virtuosic improviser on guitar, percussionist Lucas Niggli, who played his wonderful solo in such a rage that his straw drumsticks flew through the church like comets, and Luciano Biondini: a genius on the accordion, sitting, dancing, standing: always present.

Merci vielmals, kiitos, mille gracie for this terrific concert night, whose title was program!

In a pre-concert, Darius Heid [p] and Ferdinand Schwarz [tr] performed as participants of the "eastPLUGGED® Junior Award 2018/19" with acoustic compositions of their own under the theme "deceleration".