Leszek Mozdzer meets Motion Trio | 08 February 2019

Leszek Mozdzer [p] | Janusz Wojtarowicz [acc] | Pawel Baranek [acc] | Marcin Galazyn [acc]

Even though the Motion Trio named one of their pieces "Quetschkommoden Overture", Janusz Wojtarowicz, Pawel Baranek and Marcin Galazyn presented anything but "Quetschkommoden music".  Their goal is "to draw sounds from the accordion that have never been heard before", and the trio did so in a perfect way during numerous original compositions as well as on the basis of classical compositions by Fréderic Chopin and others. Leszek Mozdzer, whose virtuoso playing on the Steinway grand piano gave the sound of the three accordions a further, ingenious acoustic dimension, made this evening very special. This became particularly clear with the probably most profound song of the evening entitled "sounds of war", composed 20 years ago on the occasion of the Chechnya war and now performed in all its acoustic facets in front of the illuminated "round cross" of the Friedenskirche. Very impressive!

Bardzo dziękuję Leszkowi, Januszowi, Marcinowi i Pawłowi za ten wspaniały "polski koncertowy wieczór"

As a further participant of the "eastPLUGGED® Junior Award 2018/19", Berlin based pianist Johanna Summer played compositions of her own ahead of the main concert.