Kind of eastPLUGGED® | 10 May 2019

Wolfgang Haffner [dr] | Christopher Dell [vib] | Simon Oslender [p, rhod] | Christian Diener [b]

Tremendous applause of the audience already during the entry of the four musicians and standing ovations at the end of the almost three-hours concert, the 4th by and with Wolfgang Haffner at eastPLUGGED®; and in between: Christopher Dell demonstrated in the first two pieces his dynamic on the vibraphone, which is even more sensible in the sound space of the Friedenskirche; Simon Oslender convinced everyone with his varied playing on the grand piano as well as on the Fender Rhodes; very impressive his multi-faceted performance on the two keyboard instruments. Within the quartet Christian Diener impressed by his precise support on the bass and Wolfgang Haffner was again omnipresent at the highest level, in the quiet pieces with brooms as well as in his powerful solos or his wonderful and emotional arrangement of the "Concierto de Aranjuez". That (at his request) all this sounded in the light of the Easter candle shows the special empathy of the musicians in this concert series.

Dear Wolfgang: A thousand thanks to you and your wonderful fellow musicians for this fabulous eastPLUGGED® night in the special atmosphere of the Friedenskirche.

As further participants of the "eastPLUGGED® Junior Award 2018/19", the Cologne based "Niklas Roever Trio" played various own compositions before the main concert.