"K&K" Doppelkonzert | 31 October 2019

I: Joachim Kühn [p] „Melodic Ornette Coleman“ II: Håkon Kornstad [sax, voc] „Tenor Battle“

At the 2nd eastPLUGGED® double concert 2 artists presented their solo programs, which could not have been more different.

In the first part, the grand seigneur of German jazz, Joachim Kühn, to whom 3sat just dedicated an extensive homage on his 75th birthday. During his musical partnership with Ornette Coleman [1996-2002] the pieces were played only once, now Joachim Kühn selected them from his archive and rearranged these songs: free, wild, ballad-like, spontaneous, reduced, powerful, always "with whole-body exertion": unique!

In the second part, the Norwegian Håkon Kornstad, who started singing in 2009 as a jazz saxophonist, then worked as a tenor at the opera, and on this eastPLUGGED® evening he confronted jazz with opera and saxophone with voice [hence: "Tenor Battle"]. With great interpretations from Bizet to John Coltraine, but also with Swedish folk songs the sympathic Scandinavian thrilled the audience as much as with his extremely witty announcements, which fulfilled high cabaret standards.

And then the joint encore in which Joachim Kühn and Håkon Kornstand, who had only met on stage that evening, improvised freely: Music entertainment at its finest.

Vielen Dank to Joachim and Takk to Hakon for this musical "Grand Slam".