Kierkegaard´s Waltz │ 18 September 2020

Petter Bergander [p] | Eva Kruse [b] | Robert Mehmet Ikiz [dr]

Once again "3 Swedish Artists" at eastPLUGGED®: a "real Swede", namely the eponym and pianist Petter Bergander, whose compositions include quiet ballads ["Lyttelä Pardise"] as well as electronic, almost rock pieces; the Swedish-based German bass player Eva Kruse, who presented her virtuousic playing impressively in "The Return of the Afghan Boy" [based on a true refugee story] and during her string passages; and the Turkish-born Swedish drummer Robert Ikiz, who performed at eastPLUGGED® for the third time. He impressed with his strong while also filigree stroke sequences as well as by his wonderful solo, during which even used a bottle of the eastPLUGGED® Pinot Blanc, which was given as a present to the guests after the concert. The diversified program was highly appreciated by the audience, which - due to the pandemic - this time was not characterized by "aerosol clouds" but by particularly long applause and e.mail comments after the concert. Thanks to the great audience and

tack så mycket to Eva, Petter and Robert!