New Legend │29 October 2020

Eva Kruse [b]│Eric Schäfer [dr]│Marie Gitman [ob]│Uwe Steinmetz [sax] │Christian Jormin [p]

One feature of the eastPLUGGED® concerts is that always new sound spaces are presented, this time by the EVA KRUSE QUINTET with saxophone [Uwe Steinmetz] and oboe [Marie Gitman]. Although Marie had to stand in for Tjadina Wake-Walker at short notice, the two complemented each other in an almost stupendous way and dominated the sound character of most pieces. It was a grandiose promotion for saxophone and oboe in jazz. They were complemented on drums by Eric Schäfer, whose mental balance projected his complex rhythms and grooves into the sound space of the Friedenskirche with such crystalline clarity as the wonderful piece "Små diamanter i ett vattenfall" suggested, as well as by Christian Jormin on piano. And Eva Kruse? She is the "inventor" of this unusual quintet, she is the source of the great variety of compositions, combining power, poetry and musicality, and she is the basis from which the quintet draws its strength, dynamics and harmony. Everything fits together!

Many thanks to Eva, Eric, Uwe, Marie and Christian for these wonderful new musical impressions at eastPLUGGED®!