DANCE │ 27 August 2021

TINGVALL TRIO │Martin Tingvall [p] │Omar Rodriguez Calvo [b] │Jürgen Spiegel [dr]

Although only about half of the seats were occupied due to our responsibility towards the musicians and guests, the "old days" came back again quickly after the 9 concerts during the pandemic with significantly fewer visitors, because the Tingvall Trio started more than fulminant already with the first piece “Tokyo Dance”. Not only during this first energetic sound but all over the concert it became obvious: the trio “sucks” everyone immediately, the dynamic strokes, chords and runs of Martin Tingvall on the piano or the pattering edge-clicks of drummer Jürgen Spiegel quickly penetrate the whole body, the audience swings. And when Omar Rodriguez Calvo adds his varied, virtuosic, sound- and rhythm-giving playing, the double bass is acoustically and musically in a rarely experienced balance with piano and drums. A great concert evening [with >95% Covid vaccinated guests] so that we could also enjoy a glass of wine again.

Tack så mycket Martin, muchas gracias Omar und thanks also to Jürgen Spiegel!