Natural Energy │ 29 April 2022

The Jakob Manz Project │Jakob Manz [sax] │Hannes Stollsteimer [p] │Frieder Klein [b] │Magro [dr]

The youngest eastPLUGGED® artist to date introduced himself and his band with a varied program and cabaret-ready word interludes, so that this concert in the once again fully booked Friedenskirche ended with a standing ovation from the audience.  The artistic quality of Jakob Manz, who will not celebrate his 21st birthday until May 2022, is really impressive, as are his compositions, his perfection on the saxophone, his moments of surprise with alto recorder or "mountain story" and, last but not least, the communication with his young colleagues, who have been on the road together for 5 years. And what great colleagues: Hannes Stollsteimer had "fallen in love" with our Steinway grand piano during the concert in such a way that his compositions as well as his filigree as well as virtuoso playing unfolded a great empathy and he presented a short solo concert towards midnight [photo]; Frieder Klein on the 6-sided electric bass clearly stepped out of the shadow of a jazz bassist, especially with his own compositions, and Magro, who replaced Paul Albrecht on drums, showed impressively why he received the German Jazz Award in 2022. A great young quartet whose further artistic path we are looking forward to.

It was great fun to experience you guys! Thank you Jakob, Hannes, Frieder & Magro!