Giulia | 29 June 2022


That was another terrific eastPLUGGED® gig: At the premiere of Triosence's Giulia project with Paolo Fresu, there was already a great atmosphere among the musicians during the sound check in the afternoon, while the audience had given itself a certain dynamic ahead of the concert with a glass of “free wine” on the church square ... and then: Bernhard Schüler [p], Omar Rodriguez Silva [b], Tobias Schulte [dr] and Paolo Fresu [tr, fh] euphorized themselves and the audience to such an extent that the CD stand was virtually overrun after the concert, because almost everybody wanted to physically take a piece of this evening home with them. 2 hours of full dynamic sound, numerous excellent percussion elements, a terrific bass playing, especially in the "bowed" passages, a keyboard play with virtuosity on the Steinway grand piano, all paired with the special sound flowing out of Paolo´s trumpet resulted in a congenial top class "musical cloud".

A thousand thanks to Bernhard, Omar, Tobias and Paolo for this great concert night.

Mille grazie a Bernhard, Omar, Tobias e Paolo per questo concerto di classe!