Michael Wollny meets Joachim Kühn - and vice versa -

Michael Wollny [p] | Joachim Kühn [p]

After 15 years Joachim Kühn and Michael Wollny played together again on 2 Steinway Grand Pianos, but just 2 concerts, the first at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt and the second with eastPLUGGED® in Ratingen. At the same time it was Joachim Kühn's last concert in Germany after 72 years on stage. What an honor for us to be able to experience these two exceptional European pianists together and in the special ambience of the Friedenskirche room, with a concert of extreme variety, dynamics, intensity and improvisation as well as spectacular combinations of sound from the first to the last note. A few glances between the two were enough to present a congenially coordinated program, or, as they commonly defined it after the concert: "... something like this only works between the two of us".

Thank you very much Michael, and thank very much Joachim for giving us the opportunity to experience this outstanding and historic concert at eastPLUGGED®.