Nils Wülker & Band

While this eastPLUGGED® evening started with "distorting times" and ended with a train through the rainy Sauerland ("Seat 47"), these titles do not reflect the musical program with which Nils Wülker & Band captivated the audience over 100 minutes.

Nils Wülker's direct and dynamic playstyle on the trumpet and flugelhorn unfolded into a soundscape on its own. With his long-time musical partner Arne Jansen [git], Albin Janoska [key] and Simon Popp [dr], there were 3 more musicians on stage today, each setting their own formative musical accents, which at the same time condensed in a synergistic way into an intense sound picture.

Ballad-like songs like "Dawn" (sunrise at the Pacific) and "Frame" were as much part of the repertoire as soulful passages. Acoustic scenes alternated with pulsating electro grooves. The audience was enthusiastic and wanted more ... even after 2 encores... which led to a big rush at the CD booth after the concert.

A thousand thanks to Nils, Arne, Albin and Simon for this sound intensive eastPLUGGED® night.