Iiro Rantala meets David Helbock - and vice versa - | 15 December 2023

Iiro Rantala [p] | David Helbock [p]

On November 8, 2013 Iiro Rantala opened our international eastPLUGGED® concert series at the Friedenskirche in Ratingen. About 10 years later and together with Austrian pianist David Helbock, he now started our 11th concert year, presenting 100 minutes of musical fireworks. Although they don't often play as a Duo, both demonstrated a stupendous understanding of each other, especially in the pieces of high speed and dynamics, from Jimmy Hendrix to Chick Corea, from own compositions to Beethoven. The quieter pieces such as John Lennon's "Woman" impressed not less, and all were presented by Iiro with high empathy combined with Finnish humor. The great audience, which had already "picked up speed" ahead of the concert with mulled wine and Gugelhupf from Canonicus, nearly freaked out during the final applause.

Kiitos Iiro, thank you David for this special Advent concert.