Vladyslav Sendecki [p] + Jürgen Spiegel [dr]

Vladyslav Sendecki and Jürgen Spiegel describe their duo formation with grand piano and percussion as "the smallest orchestra in the world"; but what happened on stage under the roof of the Friedenskirche for almost two hours during this 48th eastPLUGGED® concert was much more: a musical night of so much variety, dynamic, virtuosity, rhythm and sonority that you got the feeling of a "full orchestra" when closing your eyes. From the very first piece "Coming Home" until the encores, the atmosphere in front of and on the stage meshed into each other: the two musicians and the audience felt (in a positive sense!) "at home". During "Furioso", some visitors were reminded of their own “wild” children; during "Friendly Garden" you could hear the bees buzzing and the piece "A New Day" reflected the ups and downs of a day that every one of us has experienced in the past.

Many thanks to both of you, Vladyslav and Jürgen, for this great eastPLUGGED® night.

PS If you want to see how 350kg of Steinway are moved then watch the videos.