eastPLUGGED® special concert


Jan Lundgren [p] | Hans Backenroth [b] Ratinger Kammerchor, Leitung: Dominikus Burghardt

This special concert was the public dress rehearsal of a fusion project titled “MAGNUM MYSTERIUM”, sponsored by the USB Foundation, in which Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren met the Ratingen Chamber Choir under the direction of Dominikus Burghardt. With its engagement, the USB Foundation also acknowledges the relevance of the Ratingen Chamber Choir within the German choral scene and the importance that Jan Lundgren has long attached to choral music. The international premiere of this project took place in Sweden on 03 August 2018 during the YSTAD JAZZ FESTIVAL.

The evening's repertoire included Bach's Air from the orchestral suite No. 3 as well as works by Monteverdi, Albinoni and Debussy, each based on a classical theme, with overlapping instrumental and vocal passages. It was wonderful how Jan Lundgren on the grand piano and bassist Hans Backenroth accompanied, supported, broke up, supplemented and merged the choral structures, perfectly presented by the Chamber Choir. The audience experienced the choir and the soloists in top form, including the presentation of six Romanian folk dances by Bela Bartok at the end of the concert.

Many thanks to all participants for this top-class fusion project.