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Corona & Co: Coco

5 June to 3 July 2020

In order to clear the viral fog of spring 2020 for musicians and audience, we organized five Coco ["Covid&Co"] live concerts in June/July in the Friedenskirche.; according to the requirements, initially with 30, later with 50 guests. For all musicians it was the first public performance since the beginning of the pandemic and all were happy to be able to play again in front of an audience and with applause. There was plenty of applause, because all concerts were on a high level, the musical spectrum from classical music to world music to jazz was wide and the outstanding sound space of the Friedenskirche came into its own also and in particular during these unplugged performances.

Thanks to all involved for making this possible:

Rainer Böhm [p] [Norbert Scholly [g]: June 05, 2020

Knut Hanßen [p]: June 12, 2020

Jens Düppe [dr]| Clemens Orth [org]: June 19, 2020

Anke Helfrich [p]| Angelika Nascier [sax]: June 26, 2020

Roger Hanschel [sax]| Ramesh Shotam [perc]: July 03, 2020