Friday, 24 May 2024 | 7.30pm | doors open 7pm

NIGHTHAWKS "Next To The Roxy"

Musicians from numerous countries performed on the eastPLUGGED® stage in the last 11 years: but there is also a band from the immediate neighborhood that has great reputation for years and is finally performing at eastPLUGGED®: NIGHTHAWKS, that's Dal Martino [b], Thomas Alkier [dr], Jürgen Dahmen [perc], Jörg Lehnardt [git] and Reiner Winterschladen [tr] with their distinctive musical mix of powerful melodies, groovy Rhodes sounds, rich basses and a powerful trumpet. Whether terminals, train stations, tracks or gravel roads, their program "Next To The Roxy" is a pulsating musical ride that avoids standstill, a creative excursion that takes us all along as fellow travelers. Before this background and for the first time at eastPLUGGED® we will offer chair free spaces in the two side wings of the Friedenskirche for guests who want to transform the acoustic waves directly into body movement!

Guests of this concert will get the opportunity to book tickets for our eastPLUGGED® Summerfestival on 23/24 August 2024. Details will follow.


45€/person (drink included)

Changes in the line-up possible. Exchange and return of reserved seats excluded.

We do not use paper tickets. Access just by name as booked. Free choice of seats.



eastPLUGGED®50.51.52 | Summerfestival

Friday, 23 August 2024: 7.30pm to ca. 9pm | Satuday, 24 August 2024: 5pm to ca. 9pm

Julia AMIROVA Trio "Roots" | Vincent PEIRANI "solo" | Jan LUNDGREN, Lars DANIELSSON & Émile PARISIEN "Into the Night"

Again new stuff at eastPLUGGED®: a summer festival on 2 days with a "picnic" in-between the concerts of the 2nd day, and ...

as the festival includes the 50th eastPLUGGED® concert: 3 top class concerts at a special pre-booking price of 50€/person for our frequenters.

We will start on Friday with Ukrainian pianist Julia Amirova and her two Polish trio partners Mikolaj Sikora [b] and Patryk Gajda [dr], who will present the German premiere of their album "Roots". We discovered the Trio "just by chance" and were immediately fascinated about how the band combines dynamics and expressiveness on the one hand with melodic accents.

On the 2nd day of the festival we are looking forward to the 3rd eastPLUGGED® concert of Vincent Peirani [acc], this time all alone with his accordion and accordina. The sound space of the Friedenskirche is an ideal place for this particularly expressive and emotional solo concert.

The following 1-hour technical break will allow communication between the guests, “supported” by a glass of wine or water which will be offered for free. Separately you can book a culinary package presented by Ingo Köthschneider and his Canonicus team, details of which will be disclosed when pre-booking starts.

The 2nd concert on Saturday will be presented by Jan Lundgren [p], Lars Danielsson [b] and Émile Parisien [sax], who have all played at eastPLUGGED® before, but in a different line-ups. The origin of this trio and their program "Into The Night" is absolutely "crazy": Jan had planned a piano trio with Lars and Wolfgang Haffner on drums for the Ystad Jazz Festival. Wolfgang Haffner had to cancel the day before because of a corona infection. Jan Lundgren answered the question "what now?" as unconventionally as ingeniously by asking Émilie Parisien, who happened to be available around Ystad, to take over the drummer´s part with his saxophone! What followed was one of the most impressive improvisation concerts of recent years, which we can now present in a flow-up edition at the end of our summer festival.

Pre-booking step 1 is now closed. Pre-booking step 2 only for guests of the eastPLUGGED®49 concert on May 24, 2024. Information follows.