Friday, 20 October 2023 | 7.30pm | doors open 7pm | GO eastPLUGGED®

Nils Wülker & Band

Between the two piano duos at the beginning and end of this year, we will present something quite different in autumn: a trumpet at the centre, plus guitar, keyboard and drums: groovy music, an electronically inspired sound. In Europe, this is achieved above all by: Nils Wülker & Band, who will present a programme put together especially for us, where the beauty of sound can unfold in a very special manner. We will once again have a new and unique sound experience at eastPLUGGED® in the Friedenskirche and are very much looking forward to Nils Wülker [tr], Arne Jansen [g] & Co.



45€/person. We do not use paper tickets. For access please quote your name at the front door.

Any Covid requirements (such as vaccination, mask) will be communicated in due time.

Line-up changes possible. Cancellation and changes of reserved seats not possible.




Friday, 15 December 2023 | 7.30pm | doors open 17pm

Iiro Rantala [p] meets David Helbock [p] - and vice versa -

After 10 years with 35 eastPLUGGED® and 10 special concerts we are not just happy that our concert series, which started in November 2013 with Iiro Rantala, Wolfgang Haffner and Heiri Känzig, has found such a great response, that all concerts were fully booked, but also that the virtuoso Finnish pianist Iiro Rantala will be with us again for this 10th anniversary, together with Austrian pianist David Helbock. As in January this year, eastPLUGGED® will once again present:

at 2 Steinway grand pianos vis-à-vis: Iiro Rantala and David Helbock, together, live, unplugged.

Just 2 weeks before Christmas, an early miracle in the special sound space and ambience of our Friedenskirche.


45€/person. Changes in the line-up possible. Exchange and return of reserved seats impossible.

We do not use paper tickets. Access just by name as booked.

Any Covid requirements (such as vaccination, mask) will be communicated in due time.