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Friedenskirche, Hegelstrasse 16, 40882 Ratingen


Friday 11 February 2022│7.30pm│doors open 7.00pm│Night Walker

Vincent Peirani [acc]│Emile Parisien [sax]│Tony Paeleman [kb]│ Julien Herné [b,g] │ Yoann Serra [dr]

Postponed several times due to the pandemic, now hopefully live and with its full dynamic: The 20th eastPLUGGED® concert, originally scheduled in March 2020, with Vincent Peirani, who already played a great duo concert 2017 with Michael Wollny in the Friedenskirche. This time Vincent will be accompanied by another long-time duo partner, namely by the brilliant saxophonist Emile Parisien, Tony Paeleman on keybord, Julien Herné on bass and guitar as well as drummer Yoann Serra. Musically "Night Walker" moves through various genres, including chanson, rock, classical, jazz and worldmusic. Looking forward to another musical highlight in the special room and sound atmosphere of the Friedenskirche.

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Friday 29 April 2022 | 7.30pm | doors open 7.00pm | "Natural Energy"

THE JAKOB MANZ PROJECT | Jakob Manz [as], Hannes Stollsteimer [p], Frieder Klein [b], Paul Albrecht [dr]

Do you know the 20-year-old saxophonist Jakob Manz (?). If not: then you must come, otherwise you would miss a wonderful performance; if so: then you want to be there anyway when he presents his "Jakob Manz Project" at eastPLUGGED® in the "Chamber Music Hall" of the Friedenskirche. The musical spectrum, the dynamics, but also the perfection in the interplay of the 4 young musicians is so impressive that it was a clear "to zero" decision to invite the quartet of Jakob Manz [as], Hannes Stollsteimer [p], Frieder Klein [b] and Paul Albrecht [dr] to Ratingen. You can look forward to an "inspiring and electrifying" musical evening.

Line-up changes possible. Cancellation and changes of reserved seats not possible.

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