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eastPLUGGED® Media

adventon® │ CD

Music for Advent and Christmas, produced by Artists from Ratingen in Ratingen Churches

A diverse, interesting music scene has developed in Ratingen in recent years, including: Ansgar Wallenhorst, the cantor of St. Peter and Paul, is in demand worldwide as a concert organist. He designed and built one of the most technically exciting church organs in his church. The Ratinger Kammerchor, under its conductor Dominikus Burghardt, is a master choir in the NRW choral association and has distinguished itself with numerous interdisciplinary projects, from theatre to choral passions. Trumpeter Frank Düppenbecker is a member of various brass bands and has performed as a soloist in many concerts and opera performances. The USB Foundation was able to win these and other outstanding Ratingen musicians for the CD project adventon®, whereby all contributors waived their fees.

The CD includes Advent and Christmas songs in very different arrangements. All recordings were made in Ratingen churches under the direction of the Ratingen sound engineer and ECHO award winner Holger Urbach. The star on the CD cover is folded from a Ratingen city map.

The proceeds, over 10.000€ so far, have gone 100% to social projects in Ratingen.

The CD is available online at 10€ (incl. postage/packing) via the following order form:

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Excerpt "Magnum Mysterium"

Excerpt "Nativity Carol"

eastPLUGGED P75® │ CD

3 Accordions, 19 Voices, 1 Conductor

When we presented the eastPLUGGED® concert of the MOTION TRIO with Leszek Możdżer in February 2019, the piece "Sounds of War" by Janusz Wojtarowicz, which musically symbolises the terrible events during World War II, was one of the most emotional pieces of the program. It became the starting point for the project "P75®".


With P75® we want to honour - starting from the end of World War II - the positive developments of the last 75 years in Europe - with peace, freedom and democracy - up to a European Union. Musically, this is achieved through the worldwide unique cooperation of 3 accordions [MOTION TRIO from Poland] with a 4-part chamber choir [RATINGER KAMMERCHOR under the conductorship of Dominikus Burghardt] and pieces from classical music to world music.


While the planned concerts had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, the recordings of the extensive rehearsals led to this CD, which is available online at 10€ (incl. postage/packing) via the following order form:

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Ausschnitt "First Day Of Spring"

Ausschnitt "Little Story"